Xiamen Creotech, Ins. provides Analog and RF solution in chip and module designs.

Xiamen? Creotech,Ins.

Xiamen  Creotech,Ins. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design of Analog and RF integrated circuit chips and modules. The company is dedicated to technology innovations, product developments and system level solutions. In 2013, Creotech joined the Xiamen Satellite Navigation Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance. As one of the members of the Innovation Strategy Alliance, Creotech has developed its own intellectual property rights based on the Beidou Navigation system which received the National Innovation Funding recognition. In the field of wireless communication, the company has integrated power amplifiers,low-noise amplifiers ,RF switches in RF front-end module chips for WIFI 802.11n and 802.11ac applications. It is the first chip company in China to provide WiFi RF chip solutions. At the same time, Creotech has also developed broadband linear RF amplifier solutions covering all frequency bands of 3G and 4G, which is the first in the industry. Creotech will use world-class technology and services to design and provide the wireless communication solutions required by the customers, and will enter new markets on the basis of continuous innovation based on the needs of the domestic demand for high-end RF communication chip products. 



Integrity: To be honest and trustworthy to our partners in business;
Commitment: To commit to employees, to customers and to society;
Innovation: To be innovative in everything we do;
Partnership: To achieve long-term stable strategic relationships.



Utilizing world-class technology and services, designing and providing Analog and RF solutions required by customers, driving the adoption of connectivity in everyday lives.



To become a world-class Analog and RF solution provider, and to provide the best and most timely solutions for system customers.

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